Learning English

This is a video to show you how to learn English.


My interests

Everyone in the modern society has their own habits, I really like swimming and traveling.

To start with, that was my first time saw the sea when I was 10 years old in Sanya, Hainan province, which stimulated my to lear swimming as I think that it is very exciting if I can swim and play a ball in the sea. As a consequence, I decided to learn swimming when I go back to my hometown. From this point onward, I actually love swimming after I got a swimming training, because I really enjoy that my legs lie on the water, which makes me happy, as well as, can relieve my pressure.


Turning to the traveling, I have trips with my family and friends on every holidays, owing to I think that only be together is a way to have communications between me and them. Furthermore, I always go to the park which is near a river in my hometown when I feel depressed, because the breeze and the sound of the river can make me forget every negative things.


To sam up, swimming is one of the most important life skills, plus traveling is a good to open my horizon.

Introduce myself

My name is Yuan YUAN, I am from China. My hometown is near the capital city, Beijing, which is called Taiyuan, ShanXi province. As my hometown is in the North, the weather is cold in the winter, however, it is a good place for people avoiding the high temperature in the summer.


I am going to talk about my family first, there are people in my family, mother, father, my younger brother and me. To be honest, I would like to spend my holiday time at home with my family, because only the family can let me feel the warmth.


Moreover, my dream is becoming a banker or working transnational enterprises after graduate. That is the reason why I have decided to study International Finance at university. To be more precise, I felt that studying Finance in the UK is a good choice, owing to London is one of the most famous International Finance Centre in the world. Consequently, I will acquire much more financial knowledge and have more opportunities in Britain, even though in the worldwide.


In conclusion, I hope I can realise my dream in the near future, plus my friends can gain their own achievement as well.


I have acquired different types of knowledge and learned studying skills during studying Business Foundation in this year. Before that, I had a enjoyable Easter holiday as I went back to China.

To begin with, I have studied in Bellerbys College two years. Actually, I go back to my hometown on every holidays, because our family has a family trip on holiday. To be more exact, my parents taught that the most warm place is home. As everyone know that family can make us happy and relax, there is no pressure when you have a communication with your family members.

Turning to, Bellerbys College gives my lots of fun and it already became a good memory in my head. In here, I made new friends who come from different countries. More precisely, there is no language and culture gaps between us, owing to we all like to know the culture and customs of foreign countries. Moreover, this year I am doing Foundation course which stimulates me to everything much better. In particular, because the relevant subjects in Foundation course help me a lot when I am going to the university. There are some subjects which are Economics, Business study and CIT I would like to mention, because Economics and Business study are the compulsory subjects which definitely not only can help my university studies, also can help me in the career. Plus, CIT introduce the simple use of Excel and Word, especially, setting up a personal Blog is the way that classmates have a closer friendship whenever where they are. It is must noteworthy that having a good IT skill is the basic ability of becoming a successful business person. As a result, I try to do my best and want to get a good grade. Furthermore, in our class, there are Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese and Ukrainian students, we always share our experience to each other and give each other advises when someone faces difficulties.

With respect to, my dream is becoming a banker or working in International companies. My parents told me that hard working is the only to realise my dream as well, thus, I know that only I can control my present and future. Subsequently, I have learned how to be a good student and how to survive in the rivals during I have overcame different difficulties in Foundation year. By contrast, I am still lack of some skills which I need to study in the near future, such as, a good use of prepositions. From this point onward, as I found my interests in macroeconomics, I have decided to do some further jobs on this part. Consequently, I would like to read some books which are related to macroeconomics on this summer holiday.

To sum up, students and teachers will feel sad at the end of this short and last Foundation term as we are going to different cities and schools in September, but, the love between us cannot be changed whenever where are we in the future.

Reflect on the term overall

As I found out a variety of interesting things during studying Foundation course in the whole year, I am going to introduce some reflections of different subjects.

To start with, I have learned lots of information and acquired different kinds of new knowledge during studying three terms. To be more precise, I learned about how to start a business in Business study 1 and microeconomics in Economics study 1, plus, I knew how to writing a well-organised essay during I studied FES 1 in term one. However, I initially was really confused with the accurate use of prepositions. Moreover, in term two, the most difficult subject was Economics 2 which is about macroeconomics, I thought that if you want to get a good result in this subject, the ability to understand is a lot more important than just remember the key concepts. Furthermore, I am currently studying FES 3, CIT, and Business study 2 in term three, especially the CIT and Business study stimulate me to do some further studies in the computer science and still concentrate on how to run a business successfully.

As respect to, these ten modules are closely connected, because there are some knowledges which I must know before the university studies. As I want to study Finance at university, I need to understand the basic economic and business concepts, as well as, improving my English is one of the most important thing, thus FES subjects definitely help me a lot. As being a successful business person, having a good computer skill is also important. That the reason why I have to cover CIT subject, the basic Word and Excel uses can save my time in the further studies when I need to make graphs and write essays by Word. Plus, learning journals can help me to remember things which may positive or negative during the Foundation studies. By studying Foundation course, I knew that what subject I really want to study at university and I learned that the study skills which are beneficial for university studies. More importantly, although there will be lots of difficulties at university, I believe that Foundation study can help me to get ready. Actually, at the beginning of the term, I felt very nervous about the university life, owing to I need to adapt to a new environment and make new friends. However, now, I understand that everyone will face different difficulties and these difficulties will boost us to grow.

Turning to, team work has a lot of benefits, like making new friends and improving our team spirit. FES courses include group discussion and debating, in this case, the only to achieve a good grade is having a good cooperation between partners. As a result, FES course taught me how to become a good team member. To be honest, everyone in my class are my friends, because we shared our interests and experience to each other. I hope our friendship can keep on going. Afterwords, every teachers and tutor also my friends as well, because they teach us everything which they think beneficially for us. Consequently, I have built a good relationship between classmates and teachers.

To sum up, I have found out that I need to have confidence when I am facing difficulties, as well as, friends will help me when I am facing difficulties. This term gave me lots of exciting things and a serious badly thing which is we will leave the college and go to different universities. I want to say something to my friends: when you face some difficulties, you must tell me because I will help you and support you.ImageImage(

Reference: two photos  are made by myself.

Foundation CIT Course

To be honest, I have not studied any relevant IT courses before this term. Therefore, I feel that I cannot do very well in some specific fields like some difficult Excel works. However, I feel very positive that I found my interests in computer science during studying CIT, because having a good computer skill is very convenient and efficient. To be more exact, blog is one of the most exciting things I have learned in this term, which can help you to follow your friends’ writing as you can help them quickly when they face difficulties, as well as, learning journals can help me to make thinking on what I actually learned and what I should learn about more in the future. Moreover, the useful Excel works which I have studied can help my further studies, especially, at university. As I am going to studying Finance at university, a good IT skill can save my time. I also feel really happy in CIT classes, owing to my classmates help me to overcome difficulties as much as they can. Nevertheless, I think that I need to study more IT skills and use the current skills very proficient.

The Foundation English Classes

I am currently studying Business Foundation, in this program, we have to do three terms English, FES1 FES2 and FES3. All three English courses are connected, therefore, it is very important for bringing all of knowledge from the first terms into FES3. I have found lots of differences by doing it, such as, some academic words, grammar and brilliant writing skills I have ever studied. For doing English courses, I have found that the accuracy of words using in the different tenses is very difficult. However, I believe that the achievement is based on mistakes, more importantly, mistakes should be improved or corrected at first. I really enjoy the writing part in this course, because my writing skill has improved quickly. Nevertheless, some of tests are not allowed to do it again, so every students only have one chance to achieve the best grades. I think that I need to learn more about English accent in the future. I feel very happy by doing three terms English courses as I understood the real differences between general English and academic English,for example they using different levels of words, but there is still some similarities, like word orders. Besides, English classes incentive my interests in English studying.

Foundation Courses

I am currently studying Business Foundation, which includes Economics, Business, Accounting, Business Math, CIT and English. To be more exact, course work and exam make up the final the result. As far as I am concerned, course works and exams play two different roles, which can give students different incentives, and students can acquire knowledge through two ways.


To start with course work, in Business, Economics and Accounting, which only accounts for 30%. However, for English, course work occupies more than 50% in each term, owing to the only way to achieve a greater English level is that trying to accumulate knowledge. Consequently, course work can help students to do some works everyday, as well as, they can know what are their shortcomings, but students may only have one chance to achieve their marks.


Tuning to the exam, which is a test that can show how did students achieve during the particular term. As a result, exam can incentive students to work hard, also make them dream that to feel exciting when the get a good result. It can provide a straight direction of study that students need to do. Nevertheless, exam is the way that can distinguish the different levels of students, it may have negative effect on some students. Obviously, course work and exam have different kinds of benefits and disadvantages.

Changing ideals

This time, I am going to talk about how I changed my ideas about university course during Foundation. Since I had heard Foundation course which is one of the best access to university last year, I decided to achieve this course as I think that it is very appropriate for me.


It is now useful to look at the course, which include Business, Economics, Math, Accounting, FES and CIT. To be honest, I have found my interests during this course, especially in Economics and Math. I have learned microeconomics and macroeconomics in last two terms, in particular, how market can manage at the equilibrium and few knowledge about inflation and unemployment. Moreover, a business plan that I made in term one was important, due to I want to start my own business or become a banker in the future. As a consequence, I choose Banking and International Finance course as my university course. During Foundation, I have made my own studying style. To be more exact, how to improve English skill and manage my time on different courses. It is a very useful preparation for university studies. Furthermore, how to choose useful materials from a variety of books and directly get the keys can help me save my time, which will be useful for my further studies as well. Those experiences which I have learned make me realise that study can be an interesting thing.


As I know that there will be more self-studying time at university, I should prepare all stuffs that I needed for courses. I am currently doing this preparation and trying to find the simplest way to achieve it. I think that I will find out the best method in this term and build my confidence for the university studies.


To sum up, Foundation study give me an direction of achieve all my ideas.


As family is the most important in my heart, I was back to China on my Easter holiday. My hometown is located in the north part of China, which is near Beijing. Although it is a small city, I still can do lots of outside activities.


Let me introduce the week one, I went to an ancient town with my friends, which is called Pingyao. I was very surprised buy its amazing walls, due to here are the world’s oldest and best-preserved ancient city walls, which can resist foreign aggression. It definitely is one of the most famous historical places in my hometown.We lived in a log cabin and ate barbecue at first night. The next morning, we went to see the sunrise and participated in the International Photography Festival. A variety of photographs and artists made me realize the true meaning of art. We returned home after lunch. That was a lovely trip.


Secondly, me and my younger brother who is 9 years old went to the playground, we played shooting games and merry. He said ‘sun and playgrounds make me excited’. After that, we went to a Korean restaurant and finally finished our one day trip. Every night, I will help my brother to check his homework and teach him how to do better. Because he has a great interest in English, every day I would teach him to learn new words and English culture.


For my daily life on holiday, I swim one hour per day in the gym with my mother. She is a badminton and swimming enthusiast. In the gym, I can ease my stress and improve physical fitness. That is why I really enjoy swimming. We love to travel all the family, so we sometimes go to discuss our summer trip when I am at home.


The last week, I went to a coastal city with my family, Hainan. There is more sunshine and fresh air, however in my hometown, polluted air make me depressed. In Hainan, I swam in the sea and had a picnic on the beach. Interestingly, that was my first time surfing at sea. To be honest, I was scared, but when the end want to do it again. Moreover, I have seen a wide variety of tropical plants, also went wild zoo. In this zoo, people sitting inside the train, and the animal ran outside, it was a very interesting experience as well. For families, we have more time to spend with each other, and have happy holidays.


In this short time, I once again feel the warmth of the family is the greatest encouragement for me, happy Easter holidays also at the end with the end of this trip.